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Say ‘thank you’

Seems obvious, right? Actually, I don’t feel we do it enough.

I’m talking about inner gratitude. When was the last time you said thank you inwardly for something?

This is something that changed my life around completely. The more gratitude I feel towards little things, the more appreciation I have for living in this world.

I’m talking about those things that pass us by. What about the bird that came and sat close to you and sung it’s little heart out?
The huge bush of lavender you walk past that gives out that beautiful smell? The shower you’re about to step into? The bowl food you’re about to devour?

I understand that ‘giving thanks’ could be seen as a religious practice, but I don’t feel the need to give it that label. I  know that life is more enjoyable and inspiring when we’re appreciating the little things.

When you’re ready, bring your attention to the small things. What are you grateful for?

Next time that bird sings, thank it, inwardly. Before you eat, place your hands around the bowl and say thank you. When you feel the sun on your face, think: thank you, for your blessing.

I promise you that saying thank you more will increase your appreciation of living in this world.


  1. anoekreintjes says

    Beautiful post, you are so true. For me personally the small things in life have much more impact on me than the big events. The small things always give me the most joy! Have a beautiful day full of special moments ❤

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