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Take a Cold Shower

Okay, I know – you probably think I have lost it. You possibly associate cold showers as the sort of thing that happens when your bloody housemate decides to flush the toilet when you’re enjoying a luxurious hot shower. In fact,  having a hangover-curing hot shower and having someone repeatedly turn on a tap somewhere else in the house is enough to reduce Dwayne Johnson to tears. The first time I willingly gave cold showers a go I went about it the wrong way and it was complete overkill. I turned the water to freezing before I got in, got in the shower, danced around, screaming and hyperventilating from the cold. I got such a rush of endorphins and mixed with hyperventilation I pretty much nearly passed out. I quickly turned it off, clutched the side of the bath and then stood looking out the window with the towel around me, shivering and feeling absolutely euphoric.

And that, folks, is how NOT to take a cold shower.

Here is my tried and tested how to:

  1. Turn on the shower to a warm setting (body temperature). Get into the shower once it has reached body temperature.
  2. Turn the temperature down a small notch and get used to the temperature each time.
  3. Take long, slow, deep breaths as you get used to the cool temperature.
  4. Once you have reached the point of cold water, you won’t notice that you’re having a cold shower.
Image from (thank you)

Image from (thank you)

There are hundreds of reasons to take a cold shower-

  1. They balance the feel good hormone in our body, serotonin
  2. They reduce the levels of stress hormone, cortisol, in our body
  3. They calm the fight or flight response – it is hugely beneficial to take a cold shower after a stressful situation
  4. They boost your metabolism
  5. They make your hair incredibly shiny
  6. They’re incredibly invigorating and could replace a coffee any day
  7. They provide the brain with a kick of endorphins
  8. They don’t dry out your skin as hot showers do
  9. Whilst taking a cold shower, you literally cannot think of anything else – can be used as a mindfulness technique
  10. They strengthen your immune system response to infections

Have I changed your mind yet?

I set out to take 1-2 cold showers a week but I am now addicted and have taken one every morning for the past month. I have noticed that I am able to deal with stress so much better. Cold showers are my daily discipline. I find that if I am able to willingly  take a cold shower, I certainly feel mentally strong enough to face everything else life has to throw at me during the day. I am able to take this strength and apply it to every facet of my day.

Take a cold shower – it might just be a game changer for you.



    • Thank you! I’m really enjoying experimenting with all of the anti depressant things I have looked into, kind of like a self – guinea pig. Its lovely to be able to share it. Thank you for reading my waffle 🙂 xx


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