Month: October 2015

Grounding Root Veg with Mint, Orange and Za’atar

If you haven’t heard of za’atar before, fear not – it is not an exclusive fruit, vegetable, grain or seed that is super expensive and hard to find. It’s a spice blend, which you can make yourself very easily! It has a nutty texture and a sweet yet sour lemony taste. This is actually one of the simplest recipes I have posted on this blog, and the prep is simply some peeling, chopping and sprinkling and then bam – the oven does the rest of the work. It’s the type of meal you can make lots of and keep for a few days and doesn’t require much brain nor body, yet it’s incredibly healing. I’ve made this dinner to be a grounding, nurturing, comforting yang meal, with uplifting herbs and spices to bring balance. As potatoes are a complex carbohydrate, they are incredibly calming – they bring that full, warm, comforted feeling. Beetroot is full of iron, which will help prevent that exhausted, achy, weak fatigue. Carrots are full of anti-oxidant vitamin A which will keep …


Homemade Inner Sunshine Herbal Tea

When everything is looking bleak, reach for the inner sunshine tea. Last Christmas I made a huge batch of a lavender version of this homemade tea and handed out little 50g packets of it as gifts.  It’s lovely to give the gift of sunshine. This tea really does give you that content, nurtured, warm feeling in your heart. As I mentioned above this tea was originally made with Damiana, Lemon Balm and Lavender. Since then I’ve decided to swap lavender for chamomile as not only do I believe they harmonise much better together, I sometimes find lavender extremely heady and when life is a struggle, you need to move the energy from the head into the heart. I feel that the mixture of lemon balm, chamomile, damiana, cardomom and goji berry does just that. You may know chamomile as the before bed tea – this is because of it’s amazing powers of relaxation. For me, it’s not so much of a sleep inducing herb, but more of an overall tension reducer. Chamomile is also effective for …