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Most Used Kitchen Tools

I thought I would write a blog post on my most used kitchen tools! This way, you can stock your kitchen with tools, gadgets and appliances that will enable you to make healthy, wholesome and nourishing food for your mind, body and soul.
I find myself using these on a daily basis, and I am not sure where I would be without them!

  1. Nutribullet
    This is number 1 on the list for a reason. This blends my smoothies, purees and sauces and grinds nuts, seeds and grains into a perfect flour. I wouldn’t settle for anything else.
  2. Garlic press
    Self explanatory, but if you haven’t got one of these, you need one now. I use the garlic press regularly as it presses garlic into teeny mushy squares, and this stops me from having to blend the garlic, which means my nutribullet won’t smell of garlic either. Result.
  3. Peeler
    Peel vegetables and make vegetable ribbons. No need for a fancy spiralizer.
  4. Preserve jars
    Keep everything in these, from your nuts, seeds, grains, powders, granola, smoothies, cordials, fermented foods… I have a plethora of 500ml and 1l preserve jars and I adore them.
  5. Storage tubs/tupperware
    For all of your fridgey storage needs, have a basket full of storage tubs. That way you can store leftover soups, salads, meals and prepare your meals ahead.
  6. Bag clips
    Because I got tired of using my hair bands to reseal packets of nuts or cereals that I only wanted to eat a bit of.
  7. Knife Sharpener
    Never again will I shun the importance of a sharp kitchen knife.
  8. Mortar and pestle
    I love the process of grinding up my herbs and spices. It releases the natural oils of the spices and connects me to my food on a deeper level.
  9. Muslin cloth
    For straining. I use these mostly to make nut milk or juices.
  10. Pancake pan
    For proper pancakes that won’t get stuck to the pan, go all mushy or be generally disappointing, you need a pancake pan.
  11. Loaf tin
    You don’t need a bread machine to make bread – just buy a good quality metal breadmaking tin, and you’re off. I also use it to make sweet breads such as banana bread, carrot loaves or bread shaped savory cakes!
  12. Wooden spoon
    For some reason, I feel that my food tastes better if I use wooden stirring spoons.

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