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Shopping list: essentials for your kitchen

Here I have compiled a list of foods that will allow you to create plant based staples, breakfasts, desserts, lunches, drinks, snacks and everything inbetween! This post is by no means a list that you should follow step-by-step – it is simply a list of the foods I use most often in order to create dishes that are good for my mind and body. You could choose to print this list off to take shopping with you. You will find that you will need to duck i and out of shops in order to find all of these: for fruit and vegetables, always support your independent fruit and veg stores. For everything else, support your local health/whole foods store! Always try to buy fair trade, organic or biodynamic where you can and if you can afford to. * check for seasonal produce here:( Vegetables:  Broccoli Sweet potato Carrots Tomatoes Butternut squash Courgettes Onions/red/green onions Beetroot Kale Spinach Celery Peppers: red/green/yellow Fruit: Lemons Limes Apples Pears Bananas Avocado Pineapple Mango Nectarines Peaches Raspberries (optional: frozen) Blueberries (optional: frozen) …